"Aadhar Pratishthan Trust” is a dignified NGO based in the city of Pune (State of Maharashtra, India). At Aadhar, we strive to spread social awareness among rural as well as urban communities for the welfare of human society and bring about constructive socio-cultural change. Our social service programs focus on today’s rampant yet vastly neglected issues. In this light, we conduct Educational Projects, Health Awareness Programs, Self Employment Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Medical Camps, Rehabilitation Projects (for the Disabled), Child Labor Projects, and Environmental Awareness Programs for slums and rural as well urban areas.Since Aadhar, at its very root, was an initiative by the Indian youth from all sections of the society, so does it chiefly aim to create a wide platform for all youth to come together, join hands and actively participate in reforming and rebuilding the society according to everyone’s rightful needs. Also, the core aim for such a mobilization of youth is to garner among them the spirit to take up social work and be the inspiring activities.In order to understand our work, it is also important to note that Aadhar, unlike numerous organizations in the field today, stands out in two respects where its administrative as well as functional policies are concerned:

     We do not take measures to secure government-sponsorship. It has never been a part of our agenda. All our funds are generated from individual contributions by Aadhar’s volunteers, workers and willing contributors.
     We do not support the idea of having an administrative hierarchy. The concept of a squat (or even lavish) concrete structure with cabins, air-conditioners and boardrooms does not exist. The organization, of course, has a board of directors – founding members of the organization – but the name is only ceremonial. There are no officers as such, no payrolls, no offices; only willing volunteers.

At present, the organization has over 4,000 active members all over Maharashtra. We coordinate the work between the different cities of Maharashtra (chief being Thane and Pune) where several members of Aadhar are actively working to bring about social welfare for the needy: work in each city/town being headed by the respective director of that area. In this manner, we work for the development of underprivileged communities, tribal communities, slum dwelling populations, people with incurable diseases (AIDS, Cancer) or physical disabilities, street children (in conflict with law, or those in need of care and protection) at the same time, we organize programs to spread awareness about such issues. However, environmental awareness, child education, women empowerment and supporting underprivileged communities are our major concerns because of the magnitude of these problems. We also manage and uphold “Income Generation Projects” to support needy and poor people. Educational and health camps are organized for tribal communities, slum dwellers and poor (as well needy) people: all of which aims to bring about social, economical and financial stability (and sustainability) to our society. We also conduct CSR (Corporate social responsibility) activities for corporate sector industries looking to do social service.
With such aims in mind, Aadhar Pratishthan has defined itself as a Motivator, Guide, Philosopher and Friend of Small organizations. “Aadhar Pratishthan” also believes that, instead of focusing itself on only one activity, it should work for every social issue possible and motivate other organizations to likewise involve themselves in broadening their reach and working for overall development of humanity and its world. The success of our Projects lies in this vision.